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Check which well known celebrity is this that his car is being repossessed in Limpopo

Most of our media personalities have taste in some super fast cars that cost an arm and a leg, not really, but meaning they are too expensive. We have seen recently many of our celebrities have been buying cars the likes of Dr Mbali on Durban Gen, who has just bought herself a luxurious convertible BMW.

And this pictures about someone else who is in the music industry to from Limpopo, according to social media platform Twitter it has been reported that the car was repossessed because he has failed to pay for the car, there's no other reason for a car to be repossessed. If you fail to pay, they repossess it.

Some of the social media users commented and suggesting that the car might be needing some service, or has some technical problems and needs to be attended to, and this made people talk even more about this situation where buy some questioned why are the police around when the car just needs a service.

Here are some of the comments that came under this post when it was published on social media by a Twitter user by the name of @KingHlakiso. He even responded to each and every question on the comment section about this situation.

He posted that the car belonged to the Limpopo musician King monada, and according to his comment the musician even blocked him on his page. You can see on the screenshot that I have provided below whereby he questions was it necessary for the musician to even block him.

This car according to car magazines, it cost around a million, you can just Google search it and you'll find the price.

Yeah below is a screenshot whereby the Twitter user published this incident that alleges King monada's car has been repossessed.

You can follow the link below to go and see more of this, kindly like and share. Thank you!

Source: Twitter

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