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From A Jeep To A Gusheshe | Morgan Gould's expensive car collection over the years

The "right car" depends on who you are and what do you expect from a car. Some of us like to make a statement with our cars ( I'm rich and hip or I'm earth loving or retro). In the case of South African footballers a car is usually a statement to measure up how successful one is. It is largely known that footballers love big engines, by big engines I mean high end cars.

When most footballers retire from the beautiful game they often downgrade from their expensive rides to more affordable ones as in some instances a pay check is not guaranteed at the end of the month. It is also the same with footballers who are currently at the back end of their career as they are hoping to save almost every cent they have for rainy day. It is very much known that a high end car is expensive to maintain as compared to a more affordable one.

Talking about a former footballer who still drives around in style then we do not have to look any further other than the legendary Morgan Gould. As one of the most elite footballers of his generation the former Kaizer Chiefs defender has over the years be seen driving around in a matte green Jeep Grand Cherokee. According to the manufacturer's website the car is priced between R807 900 and R1 348 900.

As if that was not enough the robust defender can has also been seen driving around in a white Mercedes Benz. To top it all he can also been seen driving around in a soft top BMW 325i, a car which is popularly known as 'Gusheshe', with Patrick Phungwayo, Bernard Parker and Daniel Cardoso owning the South African favourite as well.

Like most successful past and present footballers, Morgan Gould usually takes to IG to flaunt his car collection leaving many of us inspired.

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