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Latest BMW M5 was hijacked in The East Rand and it ended in tears for the hijackers

Latest BMW M5 was hijacked in The East Rand & a high speed chase ensued from alert Private Security in a Audi S3. 

Security shooting the front left tyre resulted in BMW Vehicle Rollover with Suspects Inside next to Phomolong Tembisa.

One suspect is dead while two more arrested.

South Africa should really have a “Cops” type show where cameras follow police officers and reaction units. It will be a huge hit and might bring some respect for the work the police and private security do.

These guys are a disgrace to BMW, imagine a whole M5 being caught up by an S3..... BMW should join their court precedings and make sure they get the maximum years for disrespecting them

just a few questions.

300kw of absolute power S3 chasing 617kw of absolute power of an M5? He had to shoot. Secondly how did a RFT tyre lose traction so quick?.

You'll need a lot skills to drive such a car with such power. The only thing those idiots couldn't outrun was a bullet

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