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Man Attacked By Polo Drivers For Writing This At The Back Of His Citi Golf (see pics)

Although owning a car at that time was not necessary or necessary for most people at that time living without them for many years, And did not encourage those who did not have it like what is happening here, If you should see the benefits of owning a car in modern times these polo cars, I bet you will see that Having a Car has grown significantly from the demand because it takes one part to have a longer life time.

 As you can see from the pictures I gave above I hope you can see that good times are coming. of Citi. See what the man wrote on his golf ball in the picture below.

 According to this massage. Apparently the citi golfer must have been ridiculed for driving an old car and he just wrote this as a shot to those who made fun of him. The young man seems to believe that it is an old car that is better than most of the guys in the car because he has his own car without remembering how small it is and he will not be reimbursed for using the bank as he has no credit. driver group on Facebook and many of them when they see what is written here seem to have seen the importance of clapping again what is written on this golf course.

 So looking at the many comments he made seems plausible but the same applies to the massage that the Citi Golf guy wrote. other? Who is driving a financial vehicle or who owns an old paid car? What do you get out of this? Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions to this content and don't forget to like, share and follow for more updates.

Thanks once again for reading.

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