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Polo Driver Turned Into A Laughing Stock After Doing This To His Car (see pics)

Although there are no car customizations in South Africa to provide some selected features and improved performance. If you take a seat and see how it is done by people who usually drive polo cars, you will notice that no one is being abused or abused. I mean, this VW company that makes polo cars doesn't stop adding new features every time they make new cars, but the owners don't stop customizing them in any way.

Well, those customizations may seem good, but some may not. Many people do not seem to have enough of this bad habit and when they comment, they no longer have any sugar coverage, no matter what, they call it Spide.

As a quick example, let me show you how someone responded by customizing the car by giving them more than a dozen stickers. Check out the car pictures I mention below.

If this is not a baby according to you readers, then I guess we have different understandings of the word childhood. I mean, why would someone destroy a black boy on a sticker, especially that one? This sticker did nothing but ruin the look of the car, and this also goes for the big blacks. These stickers were unnecessary, and the same is true of the lights.

Check out what the Facebook people have to say about this Polo owner in the comments section below.

Looking at all these comments, no one seems to be surprised by what they see in this car, which is a big mistake and a waste of time and resources. But again, as human beings, we always have different perspectives on something, so now, as a reader, in your opinion, do you get this car copy or not? First of all, remember that without these stickers, the car could have looked like this (see pictures below)

But now he has this

So what do you say about this car now? Please comment in the comments section below

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