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What Happened To This Man After He Invented A Car That Uses Water Instead Of Fuel

As the world embraces new technologies and ideas, we have seen famous and great people pay the ultimate price, some with their lives.

Meyer's invention promised a revolution in the automotive industry. It worked with an electric water fuel cell, which divided all types of water. You know the new invention will kill the old invention Meyer invented a car that uses water instead of fuel, an invention that attracted enemies to eliminate it.

Meyer's water engine was the result of 20 years of research and dedication, and he claimed he was able to convert tap water into enough hydrogen to drive his car from end to end. other of the country.

It was during the severe economic crisis in the United States in 1975 that Stanley had his epiphany. It has just been announced that the Saudi government has stopped supplying oil to refineries in the country. Due to rising oil prices and a faltering economy, many motorists could no longer afford to refuel. The answer to the problem that Stanley proposed at this point has been a success.

 Stanley had even built a well-functioning water car. Even though it was a world-changing invention, he had no idea that it would not be well received by everyone. The car used a simple scientific approach in which the cell burned hydrogen to produce the energy needed to power the vehicle.

Initially, Stanley faced a lot of resistance. To publicize his idea, he had started a tour across the country. Nothing was preventing the government from implementing the plan, because if it did, the global oil and fuel market would collapse.

In March 1998, an assassin hired by his brother was sent to assassinate him while he and his brother were eating in a restaurant. He later died of food poisoning. After saying "they poisoned me," he then breathed his last, according to his brother.

For many years after his death, no one could figure out what caused Stanley's innovation.

Despite the passage of time, the cause of Stanley's death remains a mystery, and the theory that he was murdered for his invention has yet to be proven. Do you think his critics have something to do with his death?

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