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Classic cars with timeless design

Cars playes a huge role in our lives. They are used as the mode of transport to transport people, goods and other things from place to place.

Cars have changed with ever changing technology. It is 2022 cars are faster and stylish and they might have better safety than older cars. However some classic cars are still looking today in 2022. In my opinion the 1960s cars are good looking especially the sports cars.

Italian sports cars of the 1960s are just beautiful and timeless in design.

Here are some of the classic cars that looks beautiful in this modern age.

1. Alfa 33 stradale

This is a beautiful Classic 1960s Italian sport car. It still looks beautiful today.

2. BMW i8

I can't believe this car came more than ten years ago but it still looks beautiful and very stylish with it's quircky doors.

3. Lexus LC 500

This is the other car that came few years ago but it still looks futuristic with it's sharp design and sporty looks.


Lamborghini Miura is one of the beautiful classic super cars from the early days. It is timeless and beautiful.

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Alfa Italian


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