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Tesla has been tested on airless tyres. Manufacturers are working on airless tyres to stop punctures

South African roads are littered with potholes and are in a bad conditions. Punctures are a reality on our roads daily especially for those who drive at night.

Manufacturers are busy working on airless tyres that will be fitted on cars in the near future. The tyres will not need to be inflated with air.

Tesla manufactured by Elon Musk has tested the airless tyres for more than 120000 kilometres in different weather conditions and it performed very good.

The only problem is the tyres is noisy which is something that manufacturers will have to address before the roll out can be contemplated.

The tyres will be mostly welcomed in our country where people struggle with punctures and damaged tyres.

The state of our roads is deplorable and the municipality continue to put patches instead of just removing the entire tar and start afresh. We need a lasting solution and fast.


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