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WhatsApp: new cheap way to renew your drivers licence; here is how to do it

Thinking of going to stand in the long queues; very early in the morning can drive many people crazy; but motorists can now renew their vehicle licence via WhatsApp. Yes.

The days of waking up at the crack of dawn; to beat standing in long queues; in order to renew your vehicle licence; are a thing of the past.

A partnership between Supa Quick and an online platform Disky; has made it very easy to renew a vehicle licence via WhatsApp.

It is so easy; all a motorist can do is; to visit the Supa Quick store of their choice; scan the Disky QR code and press 'send.'

Soon after; the motorist will receive a WhatsApp message; with user-friendly prompts; that the motorist can follow.

Next step is to make the payment and collect their licence disk in a space of five to 10 working days; from the Supa Quick store.

All this takes a few minutes to do; while a service fee is payable. The procedure is available for all types of vehicle licence renewals; like motorcycles; cars; trailers and caravans.

A journalist from a local newspaper did it and found that it took her less than 10 minutes for the bot to capture all her details.

She was issued with an invoice; amazingly the cost was much cheaper than the online service she had used last year.

The administration fee is R169 and the licence card is ready for collection within ten days at the motorists nearest Supa Quick store.

According to Adeshni Sewbaran; Franchise director at Supa Quick; a lot of people postpone renewing their vehicle licence; due to its inconvenience or the time it takes to do.

Sewbaran said; as Supa Quick; they are encouraging customers not to miss out on this value-added offer.

Sewbaran added that customers should ensure that they comply with the law. Everyone can apply for renewal on another person's behalf; by completing the process in-store or in the comfort of their own home.

This service is way cheaper than other online offerings like; Pick n Pay; Easyrenew; Renewonline; the SA Post Office and NaTIS. Check it out and thank us later.

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