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Road Accident

OPINION | These Cars Didn't Deserve To Be Involved In Accident

Disclaimer before I got any further with this article: I am not saying that certain cars deserve to be in accidents and others don't, what am saying is that these are car that you hardly find involved in car accidents or any sort of accidents.

Have you ever seen a Bugatti or Lamborghini in any sort of accident in your life time? You answer might be a definite no because it is rare for them to be wrecked in accident. They are wicked fast but hardly involved in accidents, people respect them that much. Not only the owner will rest assure that his R21 Million Lamborghini is driven cautiously also other drivers will make sure they don't not interrupt its path in any way, that is how special it is.

When we see them in accident we instantly question ourselves whether the driver was drunk or something else went wrong. We all know nobody would drive a car worth R20 Million and have intentions of crashing. Sadly they are being crashed and simply because they are driven by humans and we all know humans tend to make mistakes every now and then.

These are the cars that where crashed that didn't deserved it.

Bentley Bentayga

Ferrari SF90

Ferrari 488:GTB

Mercedes Benz G63

Ferrari GTC

Imagine crashing the McLaren Speed tail that has a paint job worth $1 Million that would be a serious catastrophe.

McLaren Speedtail

These goes to show that cars like these really need an attentive driver, someone who has zero plans of being involved in any sort of accident. Can you image crashing a Ferrari and they tell you it's beyond repair that would be a nightmare.

Thank God for autonomous vehicles. The biggest safety advantage to an autonomous vehicle is that a robot is not a human, it is programmed to obey all the rules of the road, won’t speed, and can’t be distracted by a text message flickering onto a phone.

Also or rather hypothetically at least, AVs can also detect what humans can’t especially at night or in low light conditions and react more quickly to avoid a collision.

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Bentley Bentayga Bugatti Lamborghini R20


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