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South Africans Say They Prefer The Golf 5 R32 Over The New Golf 8 R.

Seems like we had a lot of fun on our last VW Comparison session that I had to start another one, and this one is sure to have the VAG enthusiasts' tongues wagging.

It's a titular battle between family, and you can only choose 1, so what will it be?

Golf V R32 vs Golf 8 R.

Golf 5 R32

The Volkswagen Golf R32 simply oozes high-performance class and relays elegance amongst the world of performance cars.

Inconspicuous sophistication, coupled with a 3.2 litre v6 engine, has enabled Volkswagen to make a revolutionary car in the R32. If you like the power and performance of a modified car, yet don’t like the exterior style ‘fuss’ or the noise, then an R32 is the car for you. It’s like no other ‘hot hatch’. It precedes luxury in terms of a simple, elegant exterior, yet has all the power of a GTI (and more) under the bonnet.

The Volkswagen Golf 5 R32 (top)

*Engine: 3.2l naturally aspirated V6 producing 184kW at 6300rpm and 320Nm at 2500rpm

*Speed: 0-100 in 6.2s and a top speed of 248kmh

*Transmission: 6 speed DSG gearbox powering all 4 wheels via a 4MOTION all wheel drive system, tuned by Haldex

*Price (when new): R344,000

Golf 8 R

The Golf 8’s exterior features clean design with narrow LED headlights and a leaner front grille. The imposing bumper gives the Golf 8 more presence and now sits lower to the ground, for a more responsive performance.

Under the bonnet lies a 320hp turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine, which also produces 420Nm of torque. It drives all four wheels through a DSG automatic gearbox; there’s no manual gearbox available this time.

Truth be told, the auto suits the R, because it allows you to feel like a racing driver one minute and then lets you sit back and leave everything alone the next.

The Volkswagen Golf 8 R (bottom)

*Engine: 2.0l 4 cylinder TFSI engine producing 235kW and 420Nm

*Speed: 0-100 in 4.7s and it's limited to 250kmh

*Transmission: 7 speed DSG gearbox powering all four wheels via a 4Motion® all-wheel drive system

*Price: R950,000(est)

Well then let me know which would be your preferred choice!

This isn't an easy one, that's for sure.

Content created and supplied by: Kaybee_KC (via Opera News )

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