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9 most expensive presidential cars in Africa in 2022

African leaders will go to great lengths to make sure they travel in protected, top-of-the-line cars that say something. This makes sense, given what they do and how important they are to the country. So, they'll choose a vehicle that can move quickly, handle rough terrain, and be very steady and safe around turns.

On wheels, only the big leader has access to wine chillers, coolers, high-quality TVs, and interactive media, as well as all the comforts they need while traveling. However, this is not cheap, especially when there are a lot of them. The people will have to pay for this. All things considered, cars are just toys.

The top 9 most expensive government cars in Africa are shown below.

9. Africa, South

Starts at $83,100 and goes up to $96,400— (Armored BMW 7 Series or Mercedes-Benz S-Class)

South Africa's President sometimes drives a BMW 7 Series with a shield and a Mercedes-Benz S-Class with a shield. A few Golfs, Jeep Grand Cherokees, BMW 3 series, and Mercedes-Benz ML-Class cars lead his parade. Mercedes-Benz V-Class and police cars follow behind.

8. Malawi

Starts at $122,750, and the Cabriolet starts at $131,400 — (Armored Mercedes Benz S560)

The President of Malawi usually drives a shielded Mercedes Benz S560, a Toyota Land Cruiser, or a Range Rover. Most of the time, four Hummer H3s and eight escort cruisers are followed by police cars.

7. Uganda

Prices start at $132,500 — (Armored Toyota Land Cruiser 200 )

Uganda's President has been found in a protected Toyota Land Cruiser 200, along with two double lodge get vehicles and Mitsubishi Pajero models. A Mercedes 600 SEL and a white G Wagon are among the stylish cars used by Uganda's government.

6. Nigeria

V8 starts at $144,000, while V12 S600 starts at $172,000 — (Armored Mercedes Benz S-Class 2016 model)

Nigeria's President drives a 2016 model Mercedes-Benz S-Class that is dark and well-protected. The Nigerian flag and the official party flag are woven into the car as an afterthought. He might be seen in a protected Toyota Land Cruiser or a heavily covered Range Rover in different situations. His guard is made up of 30 cars, 10 escort cruisers, 6 Mercedes S-550s from the SSS, and 6 police cars.

5. Kenya

Starts at $160k — (Armored Toyota Landcruiser V8)

The President of Kenya has several official cars, but his favorite is a protected Toyota Landcruiser V8 with the Kenyan flag on the side. He has only been seen in a protected Mercedes-Benz Pullman S600 or a strengthened Range Rover Vogue on rare occasions.

4. Morocco

Prices start at $169,595 — (Mercedes Pullman 600)

The King of Morocco drives his Mercedes 600 Pullman while he is in Morocco. His motorcade usually includes a Mercedes-Benz S500, different Lexus models, Range Rover models (when he goes to hilly areas), a BMW 5 Series with a communications jammer, an emergency vehicle, and police motorcycles.

3. Namibia

Starting at $324,060 and ending at $372,460 — (Armored Mercedes-Benz S600Ls)

The Namibian President is driven in a protected dark Mercedes-Benz S600Ls or a protected Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series as often as possible. Both of these cars have the official seal. He is accompanied by a fleet of armored Mercedes-Benz S500Ls, 1-2 plain Mercedes-Benz E500s, VIPPD double taxi Toyota Hilux 4.0 v6 cars, and police cars.

2. Rwanda

At least $500,000 — (Armored Range Rover Sentinel)

Rwanda's President drives a dark, heavily covered Range Rover Sentinel, which is joined by a huge number of other vehicles and police bikes.

1. Egypt

Begins at $516,000 — (Mercedes Benz S-Class) — R7.8 Million.

Usually, Egypt's President can be seen driving a Mercedes-Benz S-Class covered in dark cloth.

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