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People Ruined These 8 Iconic Classic Cars With Ugly Modifications.

People Ruined These 10 Iconic Classic Cars With Ugly Modifications.

While some of us buy classics to restore and admire them, others buy them to turn them into highly modified laughingstocks.

For everyone, there is a "dream automobile." People usually admire automobiles for their distinctive features, such as outrageous styling, powerful engines, or sheer rarity. You may adore the new Ford Mustang and fantasize of purchasing one someday. While you may not notice other muscle cars on the road, you will always admire the Mustang as it passes by.

What's the first thing you'd do after buying a car you've coveted for a long time in terms of maintenance? Is it time to change your oil? Why not use it as a universal check instead? What about making some changes? Many petrolheads prefer the latter, and investing in new rims, window tinting, and performance equipment is a fantastic idea.

However, there are times when they overdo it and their automobiles become ridiculous.

Seeing your tastelessly modified fantasy automobile speed down the road gives you the same emotion as seeing costly supercars crash in Fast and Furious movies - "they could give it to me instead of ruining it," right?

So, here are eleven amazing historic cars that have been spoiled by obnoxious alterations.

- DMC Delorean Limousine


- Ford Mustang Unicorn


- Dodge Viper


- Chevrolet Corvette C3


- Audi TT


- Lamborghini Countach


- Nissan Skyline


- BMW 325is E30


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