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Heart-Breaking : This Is What Happened At The Toyota Plant In Isipingo

Toyota plant Isipingo this evening

Ordinary members of the public are shocked to see that this Toyota plant has completely been flooded with water at the moment it is not clear what had happened exactly, but it seems like there’s a water pipe which runs overhead on the ceiling of the facility that had burst and because of this water was leaking down the whole facility.

The workers had no choice but to stop all the production of the vehicles in order to take the vehicles out of the area so that the incident can be dealt with, Incidences like set the factories back in millions because they stop the production of these v TT qaehicles subsequently inconveniencing the people who had worked with them pushing their schedule back.

Which is something that they do not look forward to however if they are always ahead of schedule then they can take this time to absorb the inconvenience, the law enforcers are still going to conduct investigations in order to determine the circumstances which had led to this but it seems to be a minor setback.

The incidences had the whole factory swimming in water and fortunately enough this didn’t happen outside, otherwise we would see more and more people coming out in numbers to help themselves, but none of that happened because this is an isolated incident.

Fortunately enough all the workers in the factory can go back home knowing that they are completely safe and they do not have to either go to the hospital, or do any of those things which is great because then their family members can be with them.

Ordinary members of the public are very much concerned with the way things have been going on, it seems like there are many issues that have to be dealt with in the country.

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Isipingo Toyota Toyota Plant


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