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New South Africa owned car, see pictures

Source:mugomba nowa ya thavha(Facebook)

Thivhilaeli Mudziwa launched the first south Africa car"MUREZA". Along with his partners that are also responsible for this amazing work of this beautiful car, The "MUREZA" car was designed by one of the venda guy Thivhilaeli Mudziwa. Who's originally from Limpopo province where our president is from.

Thivhilaeli Mudziwa is a pure black man that has made his dream come true. He has done a great job as the car was not the only thing he did, he also created an amazing app that works like Uber and bolt .which he named "t-Drive" and people should have it and support our own black man business.

Thivhilaeli Mudziwa has been a good inspiration to us all.after designing an amazing model car, that we're looking forward to see more of and experience of the car. As it looks comfortable and beautiful both inside and out.South Africa should be inspired by the good work done as this prove that each and every one can create their opportunities outside. As nothing can be impossible if you work hard and keep it up on dreams. 

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