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Legend 50 bakkie is a high risk car in South Africa as they are smuggling them to Mozambique

I feel sorry for people who love the Toyota Legend 50. Mozambicans are taking these cars with AK-47s . In some instances they even come at your home and hold your family hostage while the car crosses the border.

Where is our law enforcement cuz this thing it has been going on over a decade now, Law Enforcement agencies are complicit in crime Mam. It's a syndicate. Bheki is too busy planning his next TV appearance.

However it is believed that It is not Mozambicans who take these cars,its a group of young boys from rural areas in Manguzi, they are South Africans they steal cars for a small change and these cars are sold to Mozambique but most of them passes to Zimbabwe,Zambia,Tanzania and other countries.

One of my family friend neighbor they took his car in Manguzi. Luckily the car was found before crossing the border. He was safe too even though they withdrew all his money in his account and demanded a randsom on top of that.

As Black South Afrikaans we are too casual,they always wait till something happens then start to think about prevention.

This is very unfortunate. Our country is really captured . The ANC government is in total disarray and this has transcended to the citizens.Have you ever heard President Cyril Ramaphosa condemning crime and let alone coming with the strategies to root out crime.

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