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If you can’t afford it Cash, then get financed car from R700pm-R3k pm with R150,000 price range


Believe me I know it’s hard nowadays to say you want to get out of there and start looking for a nice looking German car. I man with all the Covid19 hurting the market you have to dig deep in your pockets to try and see if you can balance the books. But if you can’t afford it cash, well the bank banks can help you with a loan. Or if that doesn’t work you can go for another option which is to pay every month installment. You can get a second hand car or a repossessed for a R700pm or go as high as R3000pm.


I mean it’s always nice to pull up in your family gathering in a German. That 0-100 miles per hour in as little as 4-7 seconds is fast enough for you. Add leather interior and a 6-12 inch screen. Bluetooth must be standard and not settle for extras or whatcha they call it optional. Then the color will be a plus for you. That’s when you know that oh yes you have arrived. Surprise them when they least expect you.


So get out there and start looking for that nice car you have been dreaming about because you can get it for lower than you think. I mean if you click on the link and be advised I’m not working with or for them, book for a test drive.

by: Rendani

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