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Never buy this car, Run for your life. Click to see why

We hope here in South Africa or the hole world knows that Renault needs to get their house in order. It don't matter which model, they all have the same problems. But the car need to be given a good car like a class of water. Because once you make damage on it, you will loose it for good and no other dealers will take it or Renault company.

Some other lady pulled out on Social media advicing people that, buying this car "Renault Clio" was the biggest mistake ever for her. It’s a lovely car but No. Once the problems start there’s no resting. Car parts are also hard to find and expensive. The shock of your life comes when you want to sell it and not even Renault wants it. Do not make this mistake if you love peace.

So the other guy on social media sent a Renault Clio Lady message, to offer her a help how she can fix up her car. But the lady told him that she's at Pretoria. The car it was put in some machine and they showed her the problems.

Some other lady she was planning on buying their first car in a few months coming. But she said she is looking forward at Suzuki, Hyundai or Renault. She asked lady who got problem with Renault clio to share useful advice about these brand. Then they told her that if she go Renault route go brand new or demo so that she can get the warranty. But a 2nd hand i20 (maybe top spec? ) is probably her best bet in those 3. And also they asked her if she want a small car, suv, something the size of a polo?

She replied by saying she don’t like the smaller models like i10. She's looking for something along the lines of the clip, i20, Rio etc. She was thinking of getting the Renault Kiger or Suzuki Brezza. Their both still very new in the market so they don’t have that many reviews. She also don’t mind the Swift. Because she's afraid of buying herself Renault Clio.

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