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"A car is no longer a luxury but a necessity. I'm proud of myself. I bought a new car "

Who does not want to purchase a car? Buying a car, be it brand new or second hand has always been most people's childhood dreams. Delightfully, some of them held on tight to their dreams and are now owning them. Taxis are a problem sometimes so buying yourself a car can be the best decision you ever made.

In the long run, having your own car will save you time. When you don't have to spend time waiting for a bus, carpool, or ride-share system, you can leave work or your home whenever you want. You may have to sit in a little bit of traffic while driving, but really you get to determine your schedule. Cynthia is a lady who just waved goodbye to using taxis. She bought a car a day ago and she couldn't wait to ostentate it on social media. She took pictures and started uploading them on Twitter for the world to see.

When buying a used car, the previous owners are usually a complete mystery. They could’ve been a meticulous grandparent who only drove it to the doctor’s office and grocery store, or they could’ve been a reckless 17-year-old boy who never changed the oil. These unknowns can lead to compromised reliability, but nonetheless Cynthia did a very good job.

Used cars are generally cheaper because the high depreciation of their early years is already behind them and you may not need as much insurance coverage. Certified pre-owned cars are more expensive than other used cars but may be in almost-new condition.

Buying a new car is hard on the wallet. If you’re using an auto loan to finance the purchase, then you’ll most likely borrow more than you would with a used car and end up paying more interest over time. New cars depreciate more quickly than their used counterparts. A vehicle loses the most value in the first few years of ownership-and a huge chunk of that in its first few seconds off the lot.

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