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Tuned VW Golf R Makes One Question Buying The Orignal

The new generation Volkswagen Golf R is already quite potent without anyone messing with its internals. Nevertheless, ABT Sportsline decided that it needs more power and other stuff, so they set to work, releasing their upgrade kit just recently.

With the tuner’s engine control unit, which is basically a plug&play module, the turbocharged 2.0-litre four-cylinder unit’s output and torque have been boosted by 63 HP/47kw and 50 Nm. The bump in power has allowed the Golf to kick out a very decent 379 HP/282 and 470 Nm of torque. Which might not seem like a lot until you realise that that makes it that’s just 3 HP/2 kW and 10 Nm shy of the Mercedes-AMG A 45, which needs 4 seconds flat for the 0 to 100 kph to and can hit 250 kph.

Unfortunately, ABT didn’t want to comment on how quick their tuned Volkswagen Golf R is, but the stock MK8 completes the sprint in 4.7 seconds and has a top speed identical to its Affalterbach premium rival. It also features the car firm’s 4Motion all-wheel-drive system, with Torque Vectoring, and a seven-speed DSG automatic transmission, or a six-speed manual designed the United States and Canada variants of the car.

Now, by simply looking at the pics released by the ABT, one might be tricked into thinking that they have done something to the exterior. But they haven’t, because the only aftermarket bits are the wheels. The ER-C, FR, and GR sets are available for the range-topping version of the Golf Mk8 on the tuner’s shelves, 19- and 20-inch in size, with the smaller ones being limited to the former option.

Knowing ABT, they will probably drop more parts for the new-gen Golf R in the near future, though for now, interested parties will have to settle for these.

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