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Road Accident

So Scary how can we trust Bolt if their drivers are doing this to their passengers

Bolt is like a taxi but what's different about it is that it picks you up at the gate of your house and for that service, it doesn't cost that much. They say it is the smart way to move to cities. It costs less and helps you get where you wanna go fast, they are private cars driven by people they also deliver food on your doorstep all you have to do is download the app request and you are good to go.

How they say it, sounds amazing and easy first when Bolt started people were crazy about it and it was trusted because it's affordable. But now it seems like there have been complaints about it, and the painful thing is it's creating jobs for people, but the very same people are messing things up as they take advantage of their customers.

As it is taxi drivers are against bolt drivers transporting people and this has cost a lot of fights between them, and because people like bolt they have defended them a multiple-times, but now they are disappointing people by the things they are accused of doing.

Aus Dee from Facebook took to her social media account and shared some disturbing news about what a Bolt driver did to his passengers. Below is what was shared please read:

The sad part about Bolt is it's alleged that it doesn't have offices, so this means whatever you report goes straight to the drain, and knowing people once something like this happens they get scared. And it's alleged that it's not the first time something like this has happened, it looks like there have been some more allegations about Bolt.

Now some people are thinking of changing to Uber because at least it has offices, if something were to go wrong they will know where to go and report it, Unlike Bolt.

After someone posted this on social media people had a lot to say and they were not happy at all, as this matter seems to be serious more than people thought and matters like this should be looked into. They can't be avoided because it might happen that some else might probably be the next victim.

Now please share this article and please share your experience with Bolt if you have come across some like this, you comment might save a life.

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