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Emmanuel Adebayor's fleet of cars comprises a customised Rolls Royce, Mercedes Benz, Porsches, BMW

Emmanuel Adebayor's fleet of cars comprises a customised Rolls Royce, 4 Mercedes Benz, 2 Porsches, a BMW and Range Rover.

He shared videos and pictures of them to motivate people and show them they can make it too regardless of their condition.

Xhocolate said: "Why do we expect black men who has made it ouf of the hood to start giving back to poor.Its a noble concept but we shudnt feel entitled tp have an opinion what they do with their wealth.Learn to be happy for others."

Sydwell said: "What has he ever done for his people in Togo?"

Drones said: "If you can. You wouldn't be here tweeting under this post under this hot sun with nothing under the stomach. Learn not to hate."

Zagha said: "When he was a nobody, what did they do for him, where was his country. Now you want him to put the country on his head. you want to kill him yeah."

Africa Shine 54 said: "I appreciate the success of the Adebayor. But the black race is generally into consumerism. That's why we don't keep wealth. Investor Warren Buffet, who is in the top five richest men in the world, drives a very simple car, they know how to keep wealth."

GoAway said: "That doesn't mean he owes the poor. He'll choose to use his money for whatever pleases him. Let's appreciate what he's doing and stop the criticism."

Goddess of Africa said: "With how my heart is set up I don't think i can have that wealth while the poor keep dying. I'd rather have half of it helping the less fortunate otherwise as long as am happy and people around me have enough to eat am good."

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