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Polo Driver Got Attacked After He Did This To His Own Car (see pics)

Although the customization of cars to give them some desired looks and characteristics is something which almost all drivers if all car makes we have in mzansi are into, If you should take a look at the rate at which a lot of VW polo drivers are customizing theirs I bet you will notice that these ones are the ones who appear to be too deep into the customizations compared to other drivers.

Well although being too much into the customizations is usually no big deal since a lot of them who customize always get the customizations right and get some praises for it. For the very first time a certain guy posted his customized polo into a polo drivers group on Facebook and a lot of people had mixed reactions for it for some did not see it as dope like he did.

Take a look at the pic attached below to see how his customized ride looked like, which had a lot of people talking.

Looking at this car, the man has added some sticker's, A rear bumper, Bonet cover and other customizations you can see up there. So with all that being added to the ride, Have a look at the screenshots attached below to see what people had to say about this.

With all that being said, what is it that you as an individual reader has to say about this car? Do you think that it is dope or the man should have just let it have the look which it came with in its brand new condition? Let us know what is it that you have to say by leaving a comment on this ride in the comment section below. While you are on that, Please do see to it that you press the follow button tab to get more news  and updates.

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