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Did you know Cyril Ramaphosa owns a VW Polo. Here's some of the other cars he also owns.

The VW Polo is arguably one of the most popular cars in South Africa, because of this it's not uncommon to see people driving it on the streets. However, while regular South African Citizens own VW Polos, it may surprise you to know that our president also owns one. Here are some of the other cars he also owns.

While it's unknown what the make, model or color of the President's VW Polo is. I believe that Just knowing he owns one may make South Africans feel better about their own cars, as they can say they own the same car as the president.

However it is strange that he owns one, since he has a approximately four hundred and fifty million dollar net worth. Meaning that he can buy almost any car he decides that he wants. Some of the other vehicles he owns is a Toyota Hilux 4X4 Raider, a Mercedes Benz C64 AMG and a BMW X3 M40i among others.

While there has also been rumors that the president owns a Maybach, which is an expensive vehicle, he denies those claims.

(An example of the type of Mercedes Benz President Cyril Ramaphosa owns)

However while he does own these vehicles, it's unclear whether he actually drives them, as he is the president of South Africa and it makes sense for him to be driven everywhere with escorts around him. At least for safety reasons.

Being the President of South Africa, it makes sense that the president would own expensive vehicles. However for me personally, knowing that he owns a VW Polo, a car I've driven many times and have seen my friends and family drive, humanizes him. It makes me no longer see him as just the president or just a rich man, instead it makes me see him as one of us.

What do you think of these observations, tell me in the comments section and follow for more lifestyle news as it happens.

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