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Bulletproof you own SUV

Carriers of valuebles like cigarettes, cellphones and cash transport, these items behind thick glass and steel but is this kind of protection within reach of regular motorists? eNCA's reporter Barry Baitman has more #eNCA

Daylight robberies, it is extremely violent and often deadly, but recent heights have demonstrated how armired vehicles can make a difference between life and death.

Criminals are often armed with high powered weapons, so what does it take for weapons like these to penetrate the vehicle.

Some hard and heavy material soured from around the world and lots of clever engeneering. In this factory outside Pretoria they say, their glass is imported from South America, their supplier AGP is based in Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

The steel all gets manufactured in Sweden and then the composit material all gets sourced from all parts of the world, but it all gets consolidated in South Africa.

It might seem like a far fetched idea but it is not that far out of reach for motorists who need this kind of protection.

The are two levels for civilianmarket, the one is Level B4 and the other one is B6

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