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Ridiculous Bugatti Veyron Parts Price List Includes $12,000 Exhaust

An EPA document showing parts prices for the Veyron has been uncovered, and it makes for hilarious reading

It’s well known that Bugatti Veyron ownership is spectacularly expensive. A Veyron oil change apparently costs $21,000, or R3 million, a new set of tyres? Will set you back about $30,000, or R440 000 and not long ago, a $150,000 or to put it in South African terms R2.1 Million replacement Veyron interior popped up on eBay, which is surprising that that the site still even exists.

Even so, we weren’t quite prepared for some of the bonkers parts and labour costs for various replacement items on the car that have been discovered recently. Road and Track managed to get hold of an EPA certification application, and some of the figures on it are rather hard to swallow.

Want to replace one of the W16’s four turbochargers? That’ll be $6400 (R93 000) please, plus $9000 (R140 000) in labour for each pair fitted. That's right, you read that correctly, each. The $2000 (R29 000) per side exhaust manifold cost doesn’t sound too bad until you learn the labour is $20,000 for a complete unit. The catalytic converters are $6700 each, with each costing $1800 to fit, and the remainder of the exhaust system is $12,000 (R176 000) plus $3600 (R53 000) labour, the numbers then begin to add up.

It’s not all bad news, as there are some cheaper items on there, like four camshaft position sensors for $9 (R132) a pop (they’re shared with more ordinary VW Group cars like the Golf), while a full set of Oxygen sensors is a reasonable $300 (R4400). But as you’d probably expect, there’s a sting in the tail when it comes to the cost of having them fitted: it’s $7200 (R1 million) for all four cam sensors and a cool $15,000 (R220 000) to have the Oxygen sensors done.

All of this pales in comparison to the fuel tank. If you need a new one of those, you’ll be $42,000 (R616 000) poorer after shelling out the part and labour cost. Now you know why cars like these are always parked in the garage.

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