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These American Cars Aren't As Great As Most People Seem To Think.

It is simple to get sucked into the hyped-up mythos and marketing speak of some automobiles. vehicles that have gained notoriety due to enthusiastic reporting or a movie feature. How many times have you watched The Italian Job and immediately wanted a vintage Mini?

American muscle vehicles fall under the same category. Many appear as stars in movies and television shows, like as the Ford Gran Torino in Starsky & Hutch. Most people are unaware of the fact that the bright red Ford is awful to drive.

This is an issue with several renowned or highly desired automobiles. We become too preoccupied with authority figures' appearances, personalities, or how they were represented in a movie to realize how wildly exaggerated they are. However, the myth and aura of fantasy disintegrate under pressure.

Here are the ten most overrated American performance automobiles we'll avoid, which are undoubtedly certain to raise eyebrows.

- Dodge Charger Hellcat SRT

- Chevrolet Corvette C4

- Ford Mustang GT (1969)

- Dodge Viper V10

- Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8

- Plymouth Hemi Barracuda

- AC Cobra

- Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 (1974)

- Ford F150 SVT Lightning

- Pontiac GTO (2004)

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