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Opinion: Somebody Needs to Make This Virtual Lamborghini Urus Pickup Truck a Reality ASAP

Many creations stemming from the imaginative minds of virtual artists will never see the light of day – either because they’re too outrageous or due to some technical constraints. But the one portrayed by Siim Parn, the pixel master behind the spdesignsest account on social media (your welcome) could use a dose of love... Perhaps even one that’s big enough to convince some true 9-5 car designers out there on what the company they work for and its customers needs next.

We have already seen even more scandalous products that shouldn't exist but do all in the name of making a little bit of extra cash, be it wheelchairs from BMW, houses from Toyota or even furniture from Aston Martin, the list of outrages products continues. But among these products, we have already seen bakkies go from pen to pavement like the Amarok from VW and well... others that are just one step away from turning into reality like Tesla.

So, why not have this very cool (yellow, of course) Lamborghini Urus super-SUV turned into a proper off-road truck? With a bed, and all. After all, we have seen Mad Max-style Lamborghini Huracans like the Jumpacan become an unlikely reality. Perhaps the crew over at the “B is for Build” YouTube channel will take notice and embark on another Sant'Agata Bolognese adventure next.

And it would take Lamborghini or the custom shop a while to get everything done. But this Urus pickup truck would probably sell even better than its SUV counterpart in certain regions of the world. Secondly, it would definitely be better looking than its Toyota Rav4 imitation, be it aspiration or inspiration.

Perhaps even coming with a little more oomph than what’s currently available from the 4.0-litre V8? Somewhere around 800 horsepower would be fine for us.

Content created and supplied by: TheCarGuy (via Opera News )

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