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What are air taxis? The latest solution to congested traffic in urban areas

It is no secret that more and more, traffic is becoming so congested in urban cities. The problem might seem from not prioritizing communal transportation like trains and buses. Everyone wants to drive themselves places and it means more cars on the road.

There could be a technology advancement to make this better.

Air taxis

The idea of a flying car has always been at the forefront of sci-fi fantasy. I remember it being such a distant concept while I was growing up. This is becoming a reality these days with companies such as Hyundai and Boeing in development of this invention.

So what exactly is it? Well think of a helicopter just not as loud or dangerous. These vehicles are electric and are built to Uber proportion. This means they are a noiseless way to get from point A to point B. As you can see pictured below, they look like smaller helicopters.

This idea is obviously amazing but it is being developed in the first world countries. It made me wonder if it could be practical in a country like South Africa. We barely have the transport department down. Majority of people use taxis to get around would the taxi association be right with that change?

Personally, I'd love to fly across traffic especially in the morning when it is the most intense. The ability to fly past it in a safe and reliable mode of transport would be great. The logistics would also have to work though. The machines are quite large. Where would one attempt to hail one? Will there be designated places to get an air taxi like a rank? The possibilities are endless.

Ultimately this is a sustainable mode of transport and hopefully it will come to fruition and distribution soon.

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