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Petrol hikes pushes people to use alternative petrol pills

As always when people are at their most desperate the scammers and con artists will come out of the woodwork, beware these pills are not something new they have been around for many years not a single person I know of has come away completely satisfied using these maybe, just maybe they save you on fuel, however almost every single person I know of has had to have their engines overhauled after using these pills for a bit, buyer beware as they sayBefore, it was a liquid version please car owners maintain your car and drive slow, some cars consumption can be cut in half because this is going to damage people's cars thinking they can beat the system just imagine being slapped with a R35k invoice. Everything that you use or about to use, you must question yourself about it the person or company selling it must be open about about everything look at the first picture that shows the range or speedometer, they hid the vehicles kilometers to only show the kilos on the second picture when the range have increased, you must be open about everything in order we try a product.

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