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Road Accident

5 million rand car crashes and you don't have insurance.

People where shocked on one sunday afternoon when a man crashed his McLaren into a tree.

The car was a total write-off after the incident and the owner kept saying he wished he had insurance because now he wont get his car back anymore.

Cape Town could turn out to be the one place in South Africa for someone to crash a super car worth 5 million rands.

The car could have been perfectly fine if the owner had used his common sense and not started racing said a witness of the accident.

The video below shows two cars which were racing and one ended up crashing. The blue car is the McLaren and the red is a Lamborghini which is perfectly fine since the driver is a good one.

People should obey road rules if they want to keep their cars from crashing or killing someone its much more better to he slow and safe than being fast and crashing your multi million rand car says a man who also witnessed the crash.

Another accident involving an McLaren in the N1 happened on Wednesday in the morning.

The car lost control after trying to speed up and overtake another car and since it was raining the wheels had no grip and it then crashed luckily no one was hurt but since the women had no insurance she is not going to get her 5 million car back.

People got out of their cars just to see the super car which had crashed and the started taking photos of the car with the women crying.

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