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90 units limited edition Ford Mustang Mach1 were sold out in SA, see how much Ford made out of them

Ford South Africa has just announced that the 90 Ford Mustangs limited edition that were brought to the SA market were sold out before they even touched down. Of these 90 beasts, only 15 are fitted with a six speed manual gearbox while the rest feature Ford's acclaimed 10 speed automatic transmission.

The Mach 1 model is one of the rarest vehicles out there. In the almost 60 years that the Mustang has been in existance, only 3 times has the Mach 1 made appearance, this current model being the third. The 90 units that were sent to SA were sold out before they were officially launched. The auto gearbox model sold for R 1 203 800, while the manual one went for R1 182 100 apiece.

With that said, the manual models sold for a total amount of R17 731 500 while the 75 auto models baught the company a staggering R102 323 000. Mustang Mach 1 is a very special vehicle which is fitted with an altered version of Mustang GT's engine which produce 330 kW and 529nM and the engine is 5.0 V8.

In only 4.8 seconds the Mach 1 manual can reach a speed of hundred from zero, while the automatic can achieve this in only 4.4 seconds. When it comes to speed the manual model rules, it's top speed is 267km/h while the automatic can reach an excess of 249km/h.

At the car's official launch, Ford South Africa's General Manager for Marketing, Doreen Mashinini had this to say; "There's a reason the Mustang is the world's best-selling sports car, but the Mach 1 elevates it to another level in the hearts of performance car fans. Road or track, this is the most capable Mustang yet and is more than worthy of carrying the legendary Mach 1 badge."

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