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Ten Cars That You Will Only Find In Dubai & Nowhere Else In The World.

We all know that UAE is full of rich people and most of the live in Dubai. What these rich individuals do with their wealth is something that we will never understand. Then again if you are rich why would you do normal things like a mere mortal?

Dubai is so rich that the things you will see are only in Dubai. This time we will focus on cars that exist only in Dubai, the owners had those cars custom made for them only.

If you are super rich and can afford any car whether it is the latest car or a rare classic car, it gets boring when you driving a car that is popular and known so why not have your very own custom made?

What these petrol heads did who so happen to be rich and from Dubai decided to design their very own cars and some brought cars we've see in movies and videos games to real life. They are all road legal and can be driven anywhere in the world.

Without Must Hesitant Here Are 8 Cars That You will Only Find In Dubai.

What these individuals did is truly unique and owning something that nobody else has in the world. They are making rich look cool and are using their rich status in a way we all love. We all know our Billionaires are living rather plain boring lives. Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos are not doing anything crazy in their lives like they do in Dubai.

The Dubai Billionaires enjoy live to the fullest and they are not scared to spend their hard earned money. The unique cars are just one of the many things that you will only find in Dubai.

Did you know that only in Dubai were they are vending machines that sell Champagne? Not only Champagne and this one will be bizarre but also gold bars, in Dubai you can get a gold bar in the middle of the mall and walk around with it.

The Traffic In Dubai is also something unique.

The Skyscrapers Are out of this world.

Their man made islands are a beaut.

Only In Dubai.

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