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VIDEO: Andile Mpisane and his friends are showing off with their cars. Check the comments


Andile Mpisane and his friends have made a video clip that actually went wrong. It started with Andile Mpisane in front, saying "Trip to Japan" and everyone else followed. Andile would be the first to drive a Mercedes Benz. The second guy will be driving a Range Rover. The third will be driving a G-wagon, and the last person will be driving a Toyota Fortuner.


They will be driving them to Japan if that is possible, but it is not. Clearly, it is an acting moment that went horribly wrong and if it was a trip to Cairo, it would have been something. All the vehicles are not from one country. Since they are going to Japan, apparently driving to the country, it is only the Toyota Fortuner from Japan.


A lot has been said about Toyota and if you are not aware of Toyota, you should check out what is being said by people who love the vehicle. But the moment is not about the cars as such, it is about their moment and how they are planning to do it. If it was an honest mistake, why did not even one person make the corrections to it?


It is really intriguing to see what they are trying to convey because their message is hard to understand. Maybe they meant it in a different way and just that people from the comment section could not understand them. People have been more than surprised in the comment section that he did not even bother to rectify the mistake.


It would be nice for them to have a long-distance road trip that would be out of the country, but they should choose another country if they are going to drive. Maybe they will drive until Morocco or Egypt and then have their cars shipped over to the other continent until they reach Japan. If not, how are they going to do it? People want to know about it.

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