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Buying an SUV is the Greatest Risk Any SAn will Take Because it will end up in Zim and Mozambique

The numerous problems being faced by South Africans over the years is very overwhelming and makes one keep wondering when all this will end so that citizens can begin to enjoy life again.

Carjacking is one of the major security challenge we're facing as a country. People can no longer comfortably go out or park their cars without fear of being hijacked by these scrupulous elements parading themselves all over our streets.

A concerned South African man known as KingJosh on Twitter has said that buying an SUV car is one of the greatest security risk any South African will take at the moment.

He added that this cars, after being hijacked en masse end up in places like Mozambique or Zimbabwe which are the countries bordering South Africa where there are auctioned at cheaper price.

According to his exact statement on Twitter:

"Buying any SUV especially Toyota Legend 50 is the greatest security risk you can ever make. These cars are hijacked en masse and end up in Mozambique or Zimbabwe. This is common Knowledge."

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