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New changes will make it easy to get your car license.

There is nothing that can be stressful than realizing that your disc is about to expire, and you need to go stand in a long queue to get a new one.

If you are that person who is always stopped by the police officials for having an expired disc there is no need to go through the stress again.

The post office has announced a new way that will make things easy for all car owners in South Africa, firstly they will try to have separate queues meaning that you will no longer have to stand with people that are there to post parcels or do other things.

They are also adding technology to their new upgrade; they have also started developing a mobile application that will help you renew your motor vehicle licenses.

Clients will be able to complete the process at their home or anywhere that they are the nice thing about it is that you can even pay on the app meaning you are killing one bird with one stone, it will be up to the client if they want to collect the disk, or they must deliver it at a reasonable price at your doorstep.

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