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Funny How There’s a Real Lamborghini Urus Behind This Ridiculously Fake One

We’ve seen our fair share of fake Lambos, as bad replicas can be found all over the planet. They usually involve people looking to recreate some of the Italian brand’s latest supercar models, like the Huracan and the Aventador, or the Gallardo before that. There are however those who feel like turning their crossovers into something a little more Urus-like and as you can see, it’s not a very good idea.

The previous two Urus replicas we showed you were in fact based on a Toyota RAV4 and a Venza, respectively, and neither looked anything like a Lamborghini – besides, only the front fascia was modified with Urus-like features.

That RAV4-based replica did appear to try its hardest to capture the aggressiveness of a real Lamborghini SUV, but in the end, all it did was fail miserably. Speaking of which, check out this newest replica we found, courtesy of Reddit. It appears to be based on a second-generation, Honda HR-V, and in the end it kind of looks more like a Ford Focus than a Urus.

Ironically, there’s a real Urus driving just behind the wannabe one, and the differences in design, stance and dimensions are more than obvious. Also, we’re pretty sure this isn’t what the “fake it till you make it” motto actually means.

In terms of performance, the best you can do in an HR-V is opt for a 1.5-litre VTEC Turbo unit (depending on the market), which offers 182 hp. It’s perfectly adequate for driving around town and the motorway in a sensible fashion, but for an exotic? Not so much.

As for the real thing, it’s powered by a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged V8 unit. In a straight line, this is one of the world’s fastest production SUVs, capable of hitting a top speed of 305 kph, while 0-100 kph takes around 3.5 seconds.

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