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Konka Club in Soweto Hires Fancy Cars At A Car Dealership to Attract Rich Customers/ Opinion

Now that we think about it, the well-known Konka Soweto Club has been popular for some time now. The club is notorious for the exorbitant pricing that it charges and the luxurious automobiles that are always parked outside. There are a wide variety of range rovers, Jaguars, Porches, and Lamborghinis can be found here. If we are being completely honest, the majority of people go there solely to take pictures with the cars that are parked outside.

One might therefore assume that the owners of such flashy cars are satisfied customers.

People have the misconception that persons who visit Konka are wealthy, thus simply seeing all of those expensive cars outside might be intimidating for some.

Those cars are rented by Konka to give the impression to customers that the establishment is reserved only for wealthy patrons.

This was confirmed by a traveler to Konka who I spoke with.

He stated that when the celebration was ended, he looked outside and saw tow trucks driving away with the vehicles.

If they had been purchased by customers.

It would have been best for the customers to just get in their cars and go at that point.

On the other hand, tow trucks removed the vehicles from the scene.

According to my observations, Konka is a club that promotes an artificial way of life to its clientele in the hopes of luring them into spending more money inside the establishment.

We are not implying that doing so is in any way inappropriate.

This concept is referred to as "branding" in the corporate world.

They marketed their establishment to the public as a millionaires club, and as a result, members and guests are required to pay millionaire prices to enter.

Since the proprietor of the club holds a degree in marketing, we can be certain that he is completely aware of everything that is going on in his business.

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