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It is rough out there people spend more than R4000 on Petrol, See Comments.

Is the world changing or what? The cost of living is too high lately and it's affecting a lot of people, who knows maybe this is the change of time, at some point, we have to get used to it or find an alternative to make life less expensive.

A Twitter user @Phislash takes it to his account asking people who own cars how much they usually spend on petrol for the whole month. "People, who use cars to and from work, how much are you spending on Petrol per month?" He wrote

The answers shared by tweeps are shocking and sad to hear that some even spend R5000 for fuel just to travel to work, and others are considering going back to the taxi, it's a shame because others claim that they no longer fill up their tank anymore.

Here are some of the comments shared by people who felt like they are spending on petrol.

@Nipho_MK "I spend R1200 per week... A full tank literally gives me 5 days of travel and I have to make sure the airlock is pushed... Soweto to Pretoria daily." He wrote

@LadyMay_K "Me and you same WhatsApp group. At this point I’m thinking of selling my car and downgrading to a more fuel-efficient car." She replied @Nipho

@Modus "On my business, I’m paying just over R18000 for a full tank compared to last year’s R13500 (around this time of the year) for the same tank, multiply that by 12-14 full tanks a month, for one truck… We are bleeding 💔" He wrote


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