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Why some supercars need more than just money to be purchased

It's fair to say that everybody has a dream car and more often than not, that car is one that's unaffordable or slightly out of reach and makes the list based on looks, engine note or brand loyalty. But believe it or not, even the wealthy also have dream cars despite being able to buy as many cars under R160 000 as your smartwatch can record steps during the day.


And there is a big but... and it cannot lie (sorry).


Easy way in

So the easy way in would be to buy a used model but you don't need any type of expert to tell you that bit of information. If you insist on buying a new car you have a few options with regard to what you like but if you want to buy a supercar in the truest name of the sense,

Porsche is always a brand that is available and McLaren, since its in need of exposure and competition with its peers, without spending the decades garnering the heritage. As previously mentioned, Porsche's availability and non-xclusivity makes living with such cars on a day-to-day basis hassle free. Well, as hassle free as owning a supercar can get.


Although this particular car brand could fall into the ones mentioned above. What sets them apart from others is the fact that they can rely on their name. People who are both in and not into cars know who they are and as a result not only can they charge more for their products but they also want certain "things" from their customers when it comes to purchases.

More often than not... the company will show their clients, potential and existing pre existing and used models for them to choose from in order to get a feel for what type of client they are compared to ordinary dealerships which try and upsell clients their more expensive models.


Basic economics. This increases the bottomline when it comes to supply and demand because as you read this article you need to read it with a pinch of salt and keep in mind that Ferrari tries to build as many and as much of their car by hand as possible, meaning that for the year of 2020, that is a total of 8400 cars for the year compared to Honda who built more than 300 000 in the same period.

But it gets even more exclusive...

The Hypercar

Same manufacturers, same parts but different outcomes. Think of one as a school sports day and the other as the Olympics. Secondly, the difference in the processes between Hyper and supercars is that unlike supercars, Hypercars don't sit in a dealership and wait for you to walk in and buy them. The process of acquiring them is a little different.

So what usually happens, but keep in mind this differs per dealership but the processes are similar is that you as the consumer would approach the dealership, alert them you are interested in purchasing one of their products. Leave behind a security deposit (An agreed upon sum of money), From this point the car can be designed, either in the dealership or factory. Once all of that is complete it is time to wait. This can take anywhere from 6 -24 months due to the fact that the car is being built by hand and being designed to be 1/1 based on specifications you denoted.

On the extreme end of the scale

There are once off or a handful of cars that are on sale. The following cars can only be sold to clients if they meet the requirements set out by the manufacturer, which more often than not have nothing to do with money as both parties know that money isn't a problem. These terms and conditions for buying a car may include, already having another car by the same manufacturer already, attending events hosted by the manufacturer, so and so forth for example.

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