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Polo Driver Gets Shamed For Doing This To His Car

Although car customization seems to be a thing of men driving almost all car makes right here in mzansi, If you should take a look at the customized cars we have in our different streets countrywide at this point in time i bet you will also see that the majority of them are those of Vw the likes of Polo, Citi Golf's and so forth and judging by what they did to thier cars it goes without saying that they are really good at car customizations and designs

Well be that as it may, It seems like it is not all of them who are always spot on when it comes to customizing thier cars inorder to give them some desired looks and performance, Seems like some of them are bad and this can be backed up by an incident which took place online when 1 polo driver posted his car asking for customizations suggestions and people went to troll him instead

Checkout the car the guy posted in the pics attached below

Now have a look at the vibe people had towards his car after they saw that he had already did some customizations around it and he was willing to go a little bit further with this customization thing (read the comments in the screenshoots attached below please)

So now with all this being said what is it that you as an individual have to say right now? Would you say that all this people bashing thus car are doing it out of jealousy or they are just being honest the car indeed looks horrible already? What's your take on the looks of this car?

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