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Road Accident

If you are driving a car and hear clucking sound on the wheels you must stop immediately. See why

Everyone is enjoying driving a car especially when the road is free way and most people get carried away and drive with higher speed without obeying the sign rules of the road and end up causing accidents. That's why it is very important to drive with caution to avoid accidents and other roads related problems.

Clucking sound on the wheen can be caused by many things but the most common problem of clucking sound is broken bull joint. If you are driving a car with higher speed and start to hear clucking sound you must stop immediately to avoid further damage to your car. That clucking sound indicates that there is a problem that need to be attended as soon as possible.

Bull joints are the onces that keep the car wheels in allgnment so that when the car is running, it can run smoothly without the wheels shaking or turn the car to incoming traffic. The bull joints can be damaged by many things but they are exposed to potholes on the roads. If you hit pothole on the road with high speed, there is possibility of dammaging your car bull joints and they will start to make clucking sound.

When the bull joints are damaged there is higher chances of getting accident or rolling over with your car because it is no longer in righ alignment. It can also cause annoying sound then it is broken and make your journey miserable especially if you are driving a long distance. So its best to avoid hitting potholes to protect your bull joints and wheel disc or rings.

If you hear those annoying clunking noises when going over bumps it means that something is wrong with the suspension system. These are the areas to check the next time you hear these sounds on the road. Worn or Damaged Struts. When struts are damaged, the strut shocks fail to perform as they should.

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