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Which Car Would You Buy Between These Two Beautiful Cars?

Have you ever noticed that most cars suddenly become beautiful once you get to the dealership to buy a car? It is always difficult to choose one specific thing from many options, which car would you buy between these two beautiful cars? 

What makes a car attractive to you, is it the interior or the exterior? Do you choose a car because of how fast it is or do you prefer one that is lite when it comes to the consumption of petrol? I will show you two cars and tell you what's special about them so that you can choose the one that you like. 

Today we have the Tata Harrier vs the MG Hector

Their engines

The MG Hector has a 2.0L diesel engine which is capable of delivering a peak torque of 350Nm and power of 160Bhp. This car has the same engine as the Jeep Compass and the good news is that you can choose between an automatic and a manual transmission. 

On the other hand, the Tata Harrier also has a 2.0L diesel engine. The Tata Harrier's engine delivers a torque of 350Nm and power of 138Bhp. Before I forget, this engine has a 6-speed manual transmission system which ensures exceptional performance on the road. 


The Tata Harrier looks very beautiful on its aerodynamic body. This car has all the features that you would expect big cars to have. It has xenon HID projector headlamps that light up the road beautifully at night. 

Images of the MG Hector show it as an attractive car in all respects. The MG Hector's robust body can rival the Tata Harrier in almost all aspects. It has a wide grille and the headlights setup is actually similar to the ones found in the Tata Harrier. 

At the back the MG Hector has multiple camera setup for a 360-degree parking view. I personally think that both this cars look beautiful in the exterior but when it comes to the interior I think the Tata Harrier looks more attractive. 

Don't choose one that you think you afford right now but the one that you would buy if you had enough money for it. Which car would you buy between these two?

A few more pictures to look at:

MG Hector

Tata Harrier

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Jeep Compass MG Hector Tata Harrier


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