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3 Most Luxurious Vehicles In The World


This is the market segment you'll be entering if you desire the pinnacle of richness, elegance, sense of occasion, and conferred status from your choice of car. None of the cars below can be purchased for less than a six-figure sum, and a few of them can even cost you seven figures. After all, it would be the biggest turn-off for normal super-luxury class customers to be denied the chance to treble the cost of your car by making it entirely yours.

best super-luxury vehicles available right now

Rolls-Royce Phantom, to start

In 2017, Rolls-Royce replaced the grandest and most opulent luxury vehicle in motoring. Shortly after, our road testers welcomed it with a glittering five-star road test.

Its lavish declaration of riches and position, as well as the unparalleled feeling of occasion you experience while riding in one, will make owners like it just as much. The most recent Phantom is also an absolute joy and a rare pleasure to drive, albeit many people won't ever realize this.

Although Rolls-Royce has fitted the newest run-flat tyre technology, the ride comfort is still supremely quiet and smooth, making it unlike anything else you'll experience in a car. Its supreme comfort and singularly isolating ride comfort can be sampled from the back seats, of course.

However, the car's large-rimmed steering wheel's precision feel and perfect weight, ease with which you can park such a large vehicle, tolerance for whatever speed suits your trip, supreme refinement and adaptability of its V12 engine, and progressiveness of its throttle pedal on step-off are all remarkable.

Although it weighs over three tons, this car accelerates from 0 to 100 mph and from 30 to 70 mph through the gears more quickly than the previous Ford Focus RS. Its engineering's integrity is just astounding.

Rolls-Royce Ghost 2.

When the Ghost debuted in 2009, Rolls-Royce drew a line in the sand. It was the start of a transformation that increased the company's annual production volume from a few hundred to several thousand vehicles.

The Phantom's heir apparent has significantly changed as it enters its second generation. Previously adapted from the BMW 7 Series' mechanical underpinnings, the Ghost now shares the Cullinan and Phantom's 'Architecture of Luxury' platform. Other advancements serve to bring ride quality even closer to that of the Phantom, such as Rolls-mass Royce's dampers for the front suspension and an active anti-roll bar for the rear axle.

The Ghost was designed as a car for the wealthy driver, and its dynamic character reflects that, whereas the Phantom is very much a car to be driven. It lends itself more readily to the cut-and-thrust of daily driving on congested UK roads than its larger sibling because it rides somewhat more tautly and is more nimble (partly due to its more compact proportions).

Bentley Flying Spur 3.

Starting out as the Continental Flying Spur in 2006, Bentley's four-door "Continental"-series limousine only dropped the nomenclative prefix that links it to Crewe's contemporary two-door GT with its most significant model update in 2014.

However, it's not hard to tell that the Flying Spur is now in its third generation by looking at the prouder, more muscular appearance, which largely pulls from the most recent, handsome Continental GT coupe. A new platform that was co-developed with Porsche and incorporates four-wheel steering and dynamic anti-roll bars greatly enhances the performance of Crewe's "junior" saloon as well. Additionally, it improves the cabin's separation from the road and lays the groundwork for genuinely superb driving dynamics. Steering, balance, and grip have all visibly improved.

Of course, the 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 is still there, producing the same 626 horsepower and limitless torque that propels the vehicle to 62 mph in just under four seconds and on to a top speed of more than 200 mph. There are additional Spur models available with a six-cylinder Flying Sur hybrid drivetrain and Bentley's lighter, more freely revving V8.

The Spur never felt more complete or capable of playing the role of a supersonic, luxurious drivers' vehicle. And a large portion of that is still near the cabin. Although the Flying Spur is Bentley's entry-level limousine, it has a wonderfully opulent interior thanks to its genuine, natural veneers, soft, expertly stitched leathers, and striking, tactile metal brightwork.

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