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An Unimpressed BMW M3 Owner Sells His Car Days After He Bought It, And Mzansi reacts

BMW had redesigned the M3, but it has a huge love hate relationship with the customers. This vehicle has some upgrades from the previous BMW M3, and the performance is just amazing. It comes with a 6-cylinder flat engine, this engine is capable of producing 473 horse power, but that's just the minimum power, it is also reported that it can produce up to503 horse power, this morning is the type of power that a V8 engine normally produce, but BMW did it with 2 cylinders short

We know for a fact that power goes hand in hand with torque, and again, the new BMW M3 did not dissapoint. It is able of producing a maximum torque of 650Nm. All these things makes the new BMW accelerate from 0 to 60mph in just 3.9 seconds

Again the interior of this vehicle is also amazing. The seats are covered with black fine lether, and even though I've never been inside the car, it really looks comfortable. As for the dashboard, they kept it in way BMW fans like it

So with all this impressive features, why would anyone want to sell this car immediately after he bought it. This is what the owner of this car posted on social media

Even though there are many reasons why a person would want to sell their cars, in this case many people thought that the main reason he is selling the car is because it's ugly. Ever since the new BMW M3 has been released, many people have been expressing how unhappy they are with the new big grill

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