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Another Ginimbi Flaunting With His Luxurious Lifestyle Looking For A Lady Who's Ready To Mingle

A Zimbabwean man caused a huge stir after advertising himself and luxurious vehicles. He said his name is Mudiwa and he was flaunting with his fancy lifestyle, this left the media divided as many people were not pleased about his posts. They were complaining and saying that his posts are becoming a nuisance, why is he showing off. That’s how people attract perpetrators into their lives including women who will destroy them then at the end of the day feel like they cursed yet they the ones who like showing off and grabbing unnecessary attention. Looking for women on media is not good because you invite bad characters into your life and some will be even sick. Not everyone was against the lovely advertisement, some women were also labelling themselves as single and available. Other people were saying that even if he might be a player, its better to cry in a Mercedes Benz than in a cheap car or none.

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Ginimbi Mudiwa Zimbabwean


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