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(Opinion)BMW m3 it's better than mercedes c63

This is one of the competition in the German cars that everyone has been comparing including audi.The Germans are talented when coming to cars that are best in interiors.

The BMW M3 is the best that the company has ever made it's good at drifting than the c63 Mercedes.It has a good body shape and it is every attractive from a distance.The m3 was introduced to the world in the year 2010.

It worth 2.5 million rands when it was first introduced but now it worth 1.6 million because it is off the market.The interior of the car shocked the whole world because it was something that has never been seen before.

The speed of the car can beat the mercedes c63 speed when racing,that has proven in the year 2016.The BMX M3 it's the best of them all and it suits both women and men.

The car is well known as one of the best cars in the world and it will forever remain as the car that has best interior.

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