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People were left in stitches after noticing what is written on the plate of this car

People can't stop laughing after noticing the picture if the plate of this car. The picture of this car is circulating on social media and people are joking about it. The country, South Africa is a developing country, with that being said, many people are unemployed. According to the report, the unemployment rate is sitting at 74% and the youth is suffering the most, even graduates are unemployed.

After seeing this picture, some people were assuming that this car is owned by some who was unemployed for a long time, and during his or her struggle there were people who were looking down on him or her, and now that she or he owns a car; all the haters have to know who is the owner of the car now. On the plate of this car it is written "Yeyami" which means the this car is officially and legally beloved to me.

Twitter users hopped into the comment section and they just couldn't stop laughing. Twitter users were left in stitches "Yho" said a Twitter user who just couldn't stop laughing. Some Twitter users were mockingly congratulating the owner of this car "Makucace (Yes, they have to know)" mockingly said a Twitter user.

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