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What Could Possibly Be Transported In A 8x8 Custom Built Man Truck, This Is What Was Spotted

What could possibly be transported in a 8x8 custom built man truck, This is something that has caught the attention of many members of the public and that is why they have poured onto social media in order to comment about their opinions, as to what the government is transporting in such vehicles.

It’s been a while since we've seen this truck on the road it is as if it was taking a break from transporting serious contraband, but now it seems like it is big transporting as usual of course it didn’t go without being notice it is believed that more and more of these trucks are being seen on our roads.

Is it still running and check the security convoy it gives off the impression that something very valuable is being transported in these vehicles, curious ordinary members of the public are wondering what the government is up to with their operations.

I’ve worked at the toll gate and I’ve been asking myself the same question, this truck has got 15 convoy vehicles along with highly armed security guards, surely it is the Reserve Bank money and it doesn’t stop at the toll gate, one vehicle comes first and pays for all convoy and guys get out with heavy guns to make sure it passes the toll gate uninterrupted and without stopping.

There will be about five front cars and something like ten cars at the back of it, some cars disguise themselves and they will be moving with traffic as if they are not part of convoy.

The level of security that is being paid for something like this is very strange and interesting because if you look at the cash in transit vans they’re not being given such security, despite the fact that they’ll be transporting millions at the time so one has to wonder as to the intentions of the people who are involved in this business.

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