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To get a dent out of your car, all you need is a kettle and a plunger.

To get a dent out of your car, all you need is a kettle and a plunger.

As a new driver I've made a few mistakes. Okay fine, I've made a lot of mistakes. These mistake left a few dints and dents on my mom's old Toyota Yaris.

I remember out of frustration (because my mom wouldn't lend me her car), I took out her car (also known as stealing, kids don't try this at home) to "teach" myself how to drive while she was at work. This little act of rebellion ended up costing my parents over R11 000.00 in damages. The driver's door wouldn't open and the entire right hand side was dented. Well we live and learn right.

The other day I found out that there's a hack one can use to remove dents from a car. How I wish I knew about this 10 years ago.

Remove dents from your vehicle.

All you need is a kettle and a plunger to remove a dent from your car! How does it work? Very simple! Fill the kettle halfway with water and bring it to a boil. It's time to get started once the water is boiling. Pour the water over the dent gently. Also, make sure to pour a sufficient amount of boiling water around the dent. But be careful: the water is, of course, extremely hot! After that, press the plunger around the dent and pull the plopper towards you. Do this carefully several times in a row, moving the toilet unblocker closer to the dent each time. Allow yourself plenty of time for this. After a few minutes, you will notice that the dent has completely disappeared.

Watch video on YouTube for: How To Remove dents from your car

I've seen the results and they are amazing. But please be warned, sometimes the plunger can remove the paint on and around the dent.

I hope this article helps those who find themselves in a pinch. Especially because it's the very long month of January.

If you happen to try this hack please leave a comment below and tell us how it went.

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